Intentif offers a new leadership style

Intentif is not just any ordinary training company !

Intentif opts for a soft, people-oriented approach leading to actual, hard results. This new style will influence the communication in your company, the cooperation within your teams, the motivation of your employees, the overall business performance and operational results and of course your personal work approach.

We offer support for your business and help you match the corporate culture with the realization of the business plan.

Intentif offers support to CEO, management and employees.

With sincere intentions, together, we choose our path consciously, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and commitment.

Together we intend to build an even more thriving and successful company!

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You want to make the transition from a fragmented departmental culture to a unified corporate culture?
You want to quit 'firefighting' and long for a clear vision?
You want to transform stagnation into movement?
You want to switch from individuality to team work and collaboration?
You want to get rid of low return and you want to boost flow?
You are tired of pointless discussions and you want useful consultation?
You want to switch from closed to open communication?
From hard to heart?

Are you ready to look with us for the cause(s)?

If so, Intentif is exactly what you need !

What we can do for you
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Why Intentif?

Intentif is an expert business in company and business support.

Our expertise comes from our own experience in the different levels of the corporate world.

It mostly originates from our own disappointments and setbacks. We have learned the hard way that it can be different, and more important, that it can be better. We offer not just bookish knowledge but targeted support and guidance with lasting results.

Thanks to the diversity of our coaches we can offer both general leadership courses and specific, job-related trainings in three languages: Dutch and French and English.



What can Intentif do for you?

We offer tailor-made courses and share our experience so that our clients don't have to face every challenge alone. Together we develop a values-driven business culture built on trust and vulnerability.              

In all of our training and coaching courses we focus on people-orientation in the organization, resulting in better business performance. We guide and train CEO, management and employees both individually and in group. A complete course starts with exploratory talks, a kick-off and development centers, followed by group training and supplemented by individual coaching to work on improvement points. We use every possible lever (reflective assignments, intervision...) to achieve high-quality and lasting growth.

Intentif distinguishes itself by being able to offer a wide range of trainings; focus areas are leadership, HRM and stress and vitality management.


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